• We restore the former beauty.
    We renew your vehicle professionally
  • We take care of the smallest detail.
    Quality is of paramount importance for us
  • We support with our experience.
    Gained over the years

Moto Studio arose from passion to the automotive industry. We comprehensively regenerate parts for cars and motorcycles by using metalwork and electroplating.

What do we do

We take care of professional renewal of cars and motorcycles. Our mission is to provide the highest level of services, providing our customers with 100% satisfaction and our vision is to become the market leader in the automotive industry.

Who are we

The greatest value of our company are the people. Together we make a good team that uses its own experience and creativity to realize its passion every day.

Machine park

Modern machine park that we use in everyday work allows us to perform even the most complex renovation works with care of the smallest detail.

By putting our heart and soul and a lot of work into the process, we restore the lost luster of exterior and interior of the vehicles. We operate comprehensively!

Galvanic coatings and spraying

We are specialists in this business, because we deal with the galvanic coatings for years. As a result, we have gathered a huge baggage of experiences that help us providing services at the highest level. We work with the best technologies available on the market guaranteeing the highest quality, durability and customer satisfaction. All items are prepared on site, we have our own electroplating shop which covers an area of 300m2. We have the possibility to produce items that are larger than 2 meters.

Sheet-metal work and sandblasting

We have an extended locksmith and tinsmith workshop which is equipped with precise and modern equipment for repair work and imitation of completely new parts. This workshop is located in a hall, in the area of 400m2. Moreover, we have a fully equipped locksmith and tinsmith workshop with new appliances (MIG, TIG, BRAZING) and a grindery with six workstations. Such tools allow us a high-speed execution of orders.

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